Revsound was founded by musician/engineer David Luke 30 years ago for musicians. Our cabinets are the finest in the industry with a price tag musicians can afford. The Revsound “ultralite” line of bass guitar enclosures is the result of seven months of design and refinement followed by three months of testing and real-world use on stages around the US. They are certainly among the lightest bass guitar cabinets currently available on the planet.

The RS line of cabinets was designed to be light and portable without compromising power and tone. They have surpassed expectations. My most important criterion: all the cabinets in the line are dead smooth from low to high, chromatically. As a musician on stage, or as an engineer, I experienced low mid-notes jumping out of the mix, or upper register notes dying during a bass solo. The RS cabinets were designed to solve this problem.

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